Massive X extremely slow to load



  • Splicer
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    Sadly this will never be fixed. Opening the interface takes seconds and freezes my DAW for the duration every time. Massive X will be 5 years old in June and is still unfinished.

  • pbthrash
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    Dear Native Instruments. Last days I tested new synth (beta). It doesn't matteer which one, but problem was that it opens about 10 seconds - like your Massive X. BUT - difference between smaller developer and Native Instruments is that smaller developer really cares about their customers. So after one day of testing and investingating, new improved version was released and now time to opening their GUI drops from 10 seconds to 1 second.

    Is really sad that you have no such skilled coders that can investigate problem and you prefer to pretend that 10 seconds is very fast, acceptable etc.

    Every time I want to use Kontakt, I hope some library would work in 6th version, because I don't want to wait until Kontakt 7 will open. The same about Massive X - basically my last choice if I want made something quickly.

    And even more - why Massive X is so oriented to official extensions? Do you really that much loves money and hate users that you can't allow them to organize their presets using various folders? Do you really afraid that someone may release independent set of presets and earn some money without paying fee for NI?

    Come on - you have thousands of customers and people loves how NI plugins sounds. Made something for your customers then and start optimizing your software!

    (of course I don't expect anyone important from NI actually read this or answer - it's after all big company vs small users)

  • mobvibes
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    THIS. 5 years on I and some more folks out there really don't get it why NI still don't respect us paying users (those who keep their ship afloat) and let us organize our and 3rd party presets in subfolders like we could in the old Massive. What a step back especially since they call it their 'flagship' synth here and there.

    (Having worked as a software dev for years I don't see why this should be that complicated to implement.)

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