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New computer. Same peripheral hard drive with all samples and same (other) peripheral HD with daw files (DP11).

My old DP files open but Battery can't find the samples in the menu unless I load them one at a time and Guitar Rig can't seem to find the presets I'd created.

How can I get DP/Battery/Guitar Rig to find these things when I open the files?

Thank you

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    battery has saved the paths of all samples, so the easiest solution is to provide the same structure as before, same drive name same folder, for example i have all my libraries and stuff on drive f: on every computer (just 2 in my case) and it works perfect

    for GR i don´t know, normally you simply open the preset file, have you copied them, if not try to copy a few on a usb stick and drop them on the desktop (just for testing) and click it, it should open

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