Waiting days to receive download purchase is unacceptable.

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I purchased an upgrade to Kontact 14 late Sunday (US PST) for use on a project. It is now Wednesday and I have not received my download or any other response.

This is ridiculous. I am surely never purchasing anything more from NI if this is how the business operates now. Non-existent support, interminable purchase delays.

I hope for the best but I will not purchase from NI if I cannot receive my purchase in a timely manner.


  • Troychapman
    Troychapman Member Posts: 2 Member

    I have done #1-3 regularly.

    #4 is on the table, but how long will that take, as well?

    #5 done.

    #6 done.

    I got an email from NI shortly after posting. I was hopeful. Advertising more promos. Those emails get through fine.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Troychapman it sounds like there are some payment issues which require our support team to manually process your order. I see that you've received a confirmation from our team already that your order has been processed.

    Perhaps try a different payment method next time just in case?

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