Repetitive NI entries in Login Window - what do I do with them?

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MAC OS Monterey - Logic 10.7.9

Theres 3 NI HostIntegrationAgent and 2 NIHardwareAgent.

Why am I getting these and how do I stop them from reappearing?



  • Monochrome
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    edited July 2023

    These are used for communication between NI hardware and apps (e.g. Maschine, Traktor, KK).

    You should be able to deactivate them without issues (src).

  • Jojo123
    Jojo123 Member Posts: 220 Advisor

    @Monochrome thanks for your response. Thanks for the link.

    I posted some time ago about the hardware one, (it might've been you who responded to that) so yes I knew I could remove it without issue becasue I dont run NI hardware. It could be that I misunderstood the hide box removed the entry because I couldnt find a "remove" button as Apple decribes. It wasn't until I hovered over the "+/-" sign that it was for removing.

    What I want to know is why the multiple entries. Anyway Ive removed all but one entry of NI HostIntegrationAgent . Will see how that goes and if I get anymore multi entries will post back.

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