Load instrument, but not the samples?

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I’ve recently started messing around with sampled instruments and one thing I absolutely love about east west’s opus engine is the ability to launch an instrument, but it won’t load any samples until you start playing and it will only load the samples that you play. This is really great to save on ram.

is there anyway to do this in Kontakt or is the only way is to load the entire sample library and then purge?

If this is not possible it would be a really great feature. You could have it in the options menu or hold shift when loading instrument.

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  • Jojo123
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    @darkmaer take a look in the preferences as there are some options there for optimizing. As far as I know, not all intruments use RAM the same way. For example the Stradivari Cello is busier when you first play your song through. After that it seems to know what notes you've used and only loads those. Im not totally sure thats how it is, and somebody that knows more than me will hopefully chime in.

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    Any idea on that @EvilDragon? Would that something that could be implemented in Kontakt or in certain libraries?

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    See Global Purge section. This is since Kontakt 7.1 onwards called Purge this instance or Purge all instances when Kontakt is loaded as a plugin.

    So, user needs to purge first then play the project once and then only the samples that need to be used will be loaded. There is no option to load any patch purged from scratch, this was abolished way back in Kontakt 4.1 IIRC.

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