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while recording a DJ Set, it accidently happened that we loaded a music track into our Remix Deck. the Deck changed to a standard track deck and after changing it back to remix deck, all the new loops, which were currently in use, were gone.

Is it possible to avoid this, maybe by integrating a promt that asks the user before discarding an unsaved remix set?



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    I agree. But for a safeguard you can select "only load into stopped deck" keep the remix deck play button active while creating or using. Another thing I always did when making remix sets was have drag and duplicate to another deck after any changes so that the main one stayed as a backup.

    You can still save either one at any time in case of crashes or mistakes..

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    Deck type change confirmation prompt!! This is a good idea. Anything that can stop a deck playing by clicking with mouse should have a confirmation prompt.

    For instance closing the program is already safeguarded. Maybe the audio settings and latency settings should have a prompt.

    Midi settings


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