A Few Feature Requests: Additional Functions to the mouse area module and more.

Michael O'Hagan
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I am copying this over from the old forum as I don't want this to get lost in the transition, these are the big ones for me personally.

1 - It would be great if the mouse area module had some output ports for modifier keys like Shift, Command and option (Mac) and their equivalents on windows.

Shift can be used as a fine tune in the preferences, but it would be very useful if we could manually control these thing.

If the mouse area had out puts where shift, command and option would output a 0 or 1 stating whether it was pressed or not we could create some very dynamic and useful control systems with it.

When shift is pressed multiply the output by .01 to create a manual fine tune, when command is pressed make it step in 12 point increments for octave ranges, when option is pressed you could control modulation amount.

There are a lot of great possibilities for what we could do with this.

2 - It would also be nice if we could use any key we choose as a modifier, the reaktor keyboard midi (qwerty) should be something that we can turn on or off to facilitate more key commands, like a key command to make objects integer in core, or to select an entire group of objects and have a key command to integer them all.

3 - Please make IC Receives copy and paste while keeping thier connections, as of right now if I copy and paste an IC receive I have to go back and manually reconnect it to it's IC Send source, this is really annoying and tedious, copy and paste an IC Receive should keep its send connection.

4 - Manual ordering of macros in a stacked macro.

The way you can right click on a primary port and select which number the port will be, it would be really useful to me if I could right click on a macro inside of a stacked macro and designate it as index 0, 1, 2, 3 etc...

5 - Please add phase morphing to the sine bank

As it stands now the sine bank module does not allow for phase morphing, which limits the number of waveforms it can produce when morphing like a wavetable.

The sine bank module came out 10 years ago, computers are much, much more powerful now than they were then, the current gen of CPU's should be able to handle this workload.

Please add phase morphing to the sine bank module so that we can create completely wave accurate additive wavetables.

6 - Please fix the X/Y module automation issue.

I use X/Y pads quite a bit, and this bug has been there fore years...

I sort and compress automation ID's and the X and Y parameter are not listed together, they should be 10 and 11 or 20 and 21, they should be next to each other but they are not.

You can manually assign the X parameter to be any number you want but you cannot manually assign the Y parameter, the Y parameter is not listed anywhere so there is no way to find out what number it is.

Please, please, please just make X and Y both manually assignable in the automation ID charts.

This is a common and recuring issue for me going all the way back to R5.5 or so, we really need this fixed.

7 - We need a better way of handling automation ID's, I just got done manually numbering hundreds of ID #'s,

As it stands now when you change the id number of a parameter, it switches places with the parameter that previously had that number.


there are 100 parameters that need to be organized, I get to the end and realized that I missed one, it should have been #5, but I missed it and it's the last one in line, #100, if I assign it to #5, then whatever parameter was at #5, becomes #100.

We need to be able to insert ID#'s into their proper count position without having to re number the entire ensemble.

We need to be able to insert at #5, and have the one that was at #5, shift back to #6, and 6 becomes 7 and so on.

We need to be able to insert parameter id's within the line so to speak.

also it would be very, very nice to have control over the sort and compress commands.

Think of it this way, if I put a number in the macro's name like (1), then I want all parameters in that macro to be the first ones sorted and organized at the beginning starting at id#1.

If I went through and numbered all my macros (1), (2), (3), etc... sort and compress should organize all controls by macro in that order.

Also, a full screen mode for organizing id#'a would be very powerful and helpful, manually clicking on every control to assign an id# is very time consuming.

a full screen list where all parameters are displayed by name and number, where I can organize by id#, alphabetically, or by groups within the structure (grouped macro or "location" within the structure).

Ensembles are getting more and more complex, with more and more controls, we need better organizational tools for arranging them properly.

8 - Please allow measure CPU usage inside of core.

That's all the big ones that I don't want getting left behind.


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