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I have an MK2 I never really dived deep in to as Ive been using software VSTis before. I finally want to dedicate some time to learn it and so far it's been great. However when composing I usually find inspiration by selecting my sounds and then shuffle through some premade patterns from which I can then do tweaks. This use of patterns seems not really to be found in Maschine though.

tl;dr: how do you work with rythms and beats if you've found a sound you'd like, but you want to quickly try out different patterns?


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    Mmmm I’m not sure what happens at the group level but I know that if I have a pattern of midi notes for Sound 1 and I swap that instrument out for another one, the pattern stays. So if you’re working with a single sound, you can experiment that way.

    For groups (i.e. entire drum kits) I think there’s an option to import the group without patterns so that may work but I’d have to experiment with it.

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    This has been asked many, many times before.

    Maschine has no built-in way of swapping out Patterns only, there's a +Patternsbutton that allows us to change all the Sounds of the whole Group without changing the current patterns but not the other way around.

    The only way is to build your own kits using a fixed Pad layout, export MIDI, then manually import MIDI... Not practical and takes a lot of effort as you basically have to build a Drum Pattern custom library.

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