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Hello, I have a question, I own a Z2, x1mk2, a capable micro mk3, can you create a new effect with the help of a machine and assign it to x1 as a new effect, if so, how to proceed THANKS for the answers

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  • Uwe303
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    if i understand you correctly, you can´t do that. You "only" have the fx within traktor as they are. You could only work with external fx via send\return if you have enough out\inputs on your audio interface.

  • tibq67
    tibq67 Member Posts: 17 Newcomer

    yes, I understand that, but I was wondering if it is possible to create a new FX with the help of maschina mk3, which I could use in Traktor through x1

  • lord-carlos
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    You can switch an FX unit to send:

    I have seen people send traktor to ableton and back.

    It's just a ton of 3rd party software stuff that needs to be done with all the routing. Good luck.

  • Uwe303
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    Like @lord-carlos said, with a lot of routing you could use maschine as an FX unit for traktor, but then you can't use the X1 to control the FX and something else in traktor at the same time. And you need both open at the same time side by side. You can use virtual audio cable applications for that purpose or two computers.

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