Maschine 1.8 to 2.0 update problem

filip pietrzykowski
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hi there,

My friend who does not speak English has a problem with updating his Maschine.

He bought mk1 a long time ago, with the original software, and komplete 10 o....

His operating system is win7.

We tried to upgrade/update it to Maschine 2.8 - the current one, via Native access.

After providing the serial number, the application show - OK, Maschine updated, and it still is not working.

Funny though...DEMO version runs fine...

Does he need to pay 99 EUR (full price for a new customer!) ??

...or something is not right??

I was under impression update is for free, and actually wasnt able to establish that, so out of desperation (installation is required today asap) we think about paying 99EUR to get Maschine 2.8...

...but it's weird...if the client who already paid for the product, bought many extensions/libraries, and full komplete setup, now need to stretch another 100 for the update, when 69EUR is price for a person who didn't spend a penny for Maschine or other product before (owner of the midi box/controller without software can get Maschine 2.8 for 69 EUR, right?)

I am aware it's no way to contact NI Support and resolve it,

\we have a session, and we need Maschine now:)

thanks for help, if we cant resolve it quickly....only option is to get updat for 99EUR...

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