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On all piano sounds, Alicias Keys, Grandeur, Noire etc - my B4 key flip flops between B4 and B5 when sustain pedal is depressed, and I'm not sure why this is. A4 nearly does this but not to the extent the B4 does. Is this a sympathetic resonance thing, or is there are problem? It's kind of annoying because it happens more often as a B5 sounding note than B4 which is a bit odd. Is there any way to change this in the settings?



  • stephen24
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    Not sure exactly what's going on. "Flip flop?" Are you using an external keyboard? If so, what messages are getting through to Kontakt? (the MIDI Monitor in the factory scripts will tell you).

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    Top 8 events, I'm pressing the B4 - all these notes sound correct

    Then I press pedal. Then The next 10 events I'm pressing the B4 with the pedal depressed. First note sounds like B4, most of the rest sound like B5. It doesn't look like the note is changing. I'm not sure what could be doing this.

    (Edit: how do I share a sound file here?)

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    @muse79 You should be able to post a link now, or zip an audio file and post it here.

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