deactivate vibrato from the Mod.wheel in Session Guitars?

Svein H
Svein H Member Posts: 3 Newcomer
edited July 2023 in Kontakt

Hi there!

Does anyone know how to deactivate vibrato from the Mod.wheel? Right-clicking on the bar has no effect (Win 10)

I need to replace vibtaro with velocity

Best, S.H.


  • Mavros
    Mavros Member Posts: 33 Member

    I don’t think you can control velocity with a fader or Modwheel as velocity is linked to the midi note it is not a cc. However you could control CC11 expression instead which for most Kontakt instruments has the same effect as changing velocity. Some instruments do have a change in playing technique if you use high or low velocities but I don’t think Session Guitars has this. Alternative would be to use volume cc7 instead.

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