Help me please its about synthetiser and flstudio !!!!!!!!!

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This is my problem :

My synthetiser has an electrical piano option that sounds really nice, I want to use this exact same sound to use it on flstudio as a VST and midi, but the problem is that I dont know how to record that exact same sound and at the same time have the midi keys on flstudio graph, like we can either have a VST and record our piano to have the midi keys graph but with the VST sound or just record the exact same sound of my synthetiser but I want the 2 of them, like be able to record my synthetiser with midi and flstudio create the notes display but with the exact same sound of my synthetiser

I tried to sample it but the high and low notes dont sound the same

Help me please !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Without experience on how to sample an instrument it would be difficult to say the least!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am guessing you are just sampling a single key and spanning that over the whole keyboard range which will sound terrible.

    You would ideally need to sample every key at multiple velocities and then have a suitable sample player to create the instrument such as Halion where you would then need to layer the velocities in a way they would not easily be noticed as you play.

    Of course you can just sample each key and not bother with velocities, but depending on the quality of the instrument you are trying to capture it would likely not sound the same as what you have. Many multi-sampled instruments require a lot of invested work to make them sound realistic, this is why people choose to just buy a suitable plugin instead of spending weeks/months of their time sampling and designing an instrument.

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    Since you are writing on NI forum, I presume you own some NI products.

    If you own Maschine, it has an AutoSampler that will do all the work for you, once you set it up.

    If you don’t own Maschine, MPC Beats (free) also has an AutoSampler.

    The way they work in practice is that you tell them how you want to record the instrument (octaves range, how many velocity layers you want for each note and a couple more settings) and then you push start, go drink a coffee (depending on how many times they have to record every note for the velocities and how many notes they have to sample, it could take a little while) and then, once they have finished their automatic job, you have an instrument ready to play 😉.

    Be aware that things like fxs will be baked into the sound (i.e. an instrument with a reverb will have it recorded as it is, so you won’t be able to change its amount later)

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