Audio Table doesn't play

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Hi all,

i'm trying (with any gate-on event) to play my "draw" custom audio table, this way:

While I can clearly see the Ramp osc "playing", Audio Table is fixed at sample 0 (output the sample at that index).

Where am I wrong? CV scaling?

Thanks for any helps


  • Big Gnome
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    Can't say for sure from the picture, but make sure the table's X Units (under the Function tab) is set to [0-1] and not Index. Also, a word of advice--you probably should patch the Ramp's A input to a constant value of 1 and control the oscillator's amplitude per se by multiplying the table's output with the Gate. By patching Gate to the Ramp as you've done will just freeze the table's position upon key up, so you're kind of courting DC offset issues (and attendant audible clicks) as it is.

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    Nice man, was that :) Thanks.

    Since I'm here: do you know if there is any way to "clean" a draw wave within Audio Table? Filling it with "all 0s"? (with both pin or mouse/ux)...

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    #EDIT (fixed)

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