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I owned the traktor kontrol S4 MK2 ,now I updated to the traktor S3, and have being using the traktor software since the beginning and I am still a big fan. waited a long time for Traktor Pro, the software still solid and stable but with needs of new features.

1. Stand alone hardware with a hardrive and battery power.

2. Touch screen

3. Song suggestions

4. Stem separation

5. Video mixing



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    You have not added the correct tags for N.I. to spot your Feedback ! (in case they should look sometimes ?)

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    They said they have something coming. I'm holding on until then to decide if I jump the Traktor boat. My S4 needs replacement as it's 5 years old and is starting to show signs of abuse.

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    More to come in 2023? I bet it's Audio 2 but just with the new logo :P Also it will be delayed until Q3 2024.

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    They have been saying they have something for years now, the s3/S4 were ok, but not really WOW items. The S5/S8 were really ahead of their time and could use an MK2 update. The F1 and X1 are still great devices but. could use a few tweaks. Even the D2 was great, and was given up too quickly.

    Hopefully they have something in the WOW category.

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