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Hi, any idea why i would be getting a high latency on an install of maschine on a macbook pro with nothing else on it: Macbook pro 2015, 2.2 ghz, 1 tb SSD, even on a buffer size of 32 it’s still over 10ms 😫... thanks in advance!


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    I may be missing something, but you are using the onboard audio on the macbook pro, are you connecting to an MK3, you need to select that as the audio device, you should get lower latency. If its the Mikro, I'd recommend getting an audio interface.

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    the numbers you are getting, are likely in the normal region

    dont expect low latency on a laptop that is running @2.2ghz

    my 4.1ghz i7 latency readings

    input 5.8 output 5.8 roundtrip 17.4ms @ 256 buffer size

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    thanks both for replying, yeah but with MK2 connected in.. just went to connect my avid mbox 3 to see what would happen with that but the drivers are not compatible with the version of osx i’m running

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    I hope that some or any of this will be of help :

    Optimizing the Settings for Your Native Instruments Audio Interface


    Mac Tuning Tips for Audio Processing


    Not sure if this for Maschine 2 is applicable : Managing Computer Performance with MASCHINE 2 :



    Apparently , GPU type and GPU drivers can also impact performance !

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    will check these out.. thank you so much

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    Nothing you do will change X latency at Y buffer, those are the limits of your Audio Interface, unrelated to how powerful your computer is or is not. CPU power only matters to be able to maintain small buffers when the project starts getting demanding, a buffer of 32 on such an old computer is probably not sustainable. A buffer of 640 is crazy... Never seen anyone use such high values before.

    At 32 your values are normal, get a proper audio interface, even a cheap 100$ one should give you this:

    Or with a more realistic buffer for a computer like yours:

    11 MS is very decent and you only get better with expensive interfaces with custom drivers (RME, UAD, etc...)

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