New user, Kontakt 7 full vs. Kontakt Player 6 side-by-side?

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Greetings, all. New owner of Komplete 14 and the full version of Kontakt 7.

I've been wondering if I need to have Kontakt 7 and Kontakt Player 6 both installed on my machine. I have no projects that are using Kontakt Player 6, and checking the KONTAKT 7 FAQ on the NI site gives me conflicting info:

"Installing KONTAKT 7 will not automatically replace KONTAKT 6 content in your DAW projects. If you have projects that use KONTAKT 6, you will need to keep it installed."


"If KONTAKT 7 is installed on your system and the older KONTAKT version has been uninstalled or is not available, the host will automatically replace all instances of the older KONTAKT version with the KONTAKT 7 VST3 plug-in when loading a project."

To me, this makes it sound like I could uninstall Kontakt 6 Player without any issues, since I don't have any projects that are making use of any of these instruments yet.

Is this something I even need to worry about, or can I remove Kontakt 6 Player without any issues?

Thanks in advance.

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