recording midi from Maschine software in Logic Pro using a midi keyboard

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Hi, I can't figure out how to record midi from Maschine software into logic pro

I have Maschine set up as a multi instrument and routed to individual aux tracks in logic. I want to play each sound from Maschine and record to each track in logic. When I try this for example and record the first sound a kick drum,

it records fine, but as soon as I select the second sound in Maschine, it plays the previously recorded midi.

What am I doing wrong?

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    It is easy but it will be better if you do it differently. Machine or Logic, usually Logic for Arranging, mixing ECT. Or you can drag MIDI and Audio to Logic.You did everything properly, from Maschine 16 outs have to be routed to 16 in channels those are 16 different ( separate ) MIDI channels too and in Maschine you have to be in Sound focus mode. If you opened Maschine in Logic then you are playing Maschine from the Logic that's why connection have to be MIDI and Audio at the same time and maybe it's better to use Maschine in Logic but use Drag and drop option for samples ( audio) and that's what is best for me and if you decide to do how you imagine then save Template when you connect Maschine and Logic but at the end Maschine is amazing and have very fast workflow and I suggest you to use it and use simple drag and drop sistem and believe me many adjusted and usually they didn't use it that way or they made tutorials . For the best fast workflow I suggest making one channel with Maschine but even better just Maschine and later you will have good Audio in Logic.

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    @hobbah72 Already answered in another post here:

    I'll close this thread, please avoid multiple posting for the same problem

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