how to connect Traktor Kontrol S2 with Xone 23C ?

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Hi all,

I have a Traktor control S2 and a Xone 23C (linked with 2 monitor speakers with XLR cables), I'd like to link my traktor to my xone so that I can control the 2 decks of traktor with the Xone controller (and I have a macbook pro).

I linked the traktor S2 and the xone with a double RCA cable but it doesn't work.

First of all, is this possible ? And if yes, which output routing do I have to choose ? (mixing mode, output monitor/master/record)

Thanks in advance



  • lord-carlos
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    Well there are multiple ways of doing it.

    A. The first way would be with just an RCA cable from master out into the line in on the xone. That 100% works. No need to connect the Xone to the PC. No need to change any settings. Just regular internal mixing moder etc.

    B. Don't connect any speakers or headphones to S2, and no cable from S2 to Xone. But connect both with USB to the computer. Select Xone as your audio device, setup routing, but keep internal mixing mode. I think you will have to use one channel for cue and one for master. Then never touch the levels on xone again .. maybe.

    C. Use the mixer part of the xone, and the deck parts from the s2. Connect similar to setup B but do external mixing mode. Now you can control the volume and EQ on xone, ignore the middle part of the s2 and only use it for play / pause / beatjump etc.

    A is simple and lets you use the s2 as intended. C is cool because xone filters and closer to club setup.

    Whatever floats your goat. Not sure why A did not work for you. My guess is you also connected the xone via USB or something.

  • ligo
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    Thanks a lot mate, it's crystal clear. I used the way C and it works perfectly !

    Thanks again

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