S3 in iOS mode - can you access the line input/channel D?

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Thanks in advance. I realize in iOS mode the S3 only allows two channels of traktor use. My question is, will the other channel(s) on the mixer be active for line level inputs while in iOS mode? I see a single RCA input on the rear for channel D so i wonder if I were to connect any standalone synth/groove box to channel D while using traktor iOS, would the audio make it through the channel OR are the other two channels “dead” by default when not connected to the computer/full Traktor Pro desktop version?

Also, if channel D is active for a line level input, will the EQ knobs, faders, effects work OR will it just be a basic passthrough?


  • Markovicz
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    Hi @bobbyduracel,

    unfortunately, the operation on iOS does not offer audio input processing.

  • bobbyduracel
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    Thanks. It’s funny. Between the 3 units I find a couple of frustrating limits. S2 is awesome for compactness & iOS use. However it’s super simplified. No led indicators for level, for example. S3 is cool bc iOS works AND it has 4-ch use. However the inability to route any audio to c/d in iOS mode is a huge limit. Once connected to traktor it’s 4-ch, but then the limits on effects control, etc.

    s4 would be the simple choice but you don’t allow iOS mode. If it could go both ways, that would be all-inclusive.

    hmm. New controller any time soon?

  • lord-carlos
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    If you want to go the iOS route, Traktor is just not a good Software to do it with. They stopped developing Traktor DJ 2 a long time ago.

    Try Algoriddim DJ. Lots of features and support for the S3 and S2 mk3.

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