How to fixing crackling/noises in komplete 14 [kontakt 7]

Robbie Mendez
Robbie Mendez Member Posts: 3 Member

Hey all,

Just bought the komplete 14 Ultimate bundle but as soon as I wanted to test out some sounds like for instance ''noire'' ''piano colors'' etc. I have crackling noises, almost if my CPU can't it but i'm 100% sure that is not the case. It frustrated me a lot because I expected some high inspiration but now I'm currently facing this issue. I've read some articles online about how to fix and what to change in your settings of je pc/audio driver and power options, so far nothing seem to work.

My specs.

Windows 11

Intel i9 (12th gen)


Komplete Audio 6 (external audio driver)

DAW: FL Studio 21 (latest version)

Does someone have a solution for this?

Thanks a lot!




  • Sunborn
    Sunborn NKS User Library Mod Posts: 2,314 mod

    Check audio card settings --> buffer size

    Possibly is too low, so increase to 256. If you still have crackles, increase it to 512

  • Robbie Mendez
    Robbie Mendez Member Posts: 3 Member

    I tried that already even up to 2048 samples but still appears.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 9,595 mod

    @Robbie Mendez Can you check this in FL Studio and make sure this is selected?

  • nicmac303
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    edited July 2023

    I suspect your CPU is too good & is throttling down.

    Try going to Advanced Power Settings in Windows. Processor Power Management -> Minimum Processor State -> set it to 100%.

    That worked for me, although it wasn't a Kontakt-specific problem for myself, all plugins were making cracks & pops. Let me know if this helps.

    Note: if you have an overclocked CPU then it'll be running at a constant frequency already (look in Task Manager) so this won't help.

    Cheers, Nick

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 9,595 mod

    @Robbie Mendez Any update? Still need help here?

  • Robbie Mendez
    Robbie Mendez Member Posts: 3 Member

    @Jeremy_NI It's still running with the same crackling noises as from the moment I installed it. I've reinstalled it many times, try different audio drivers, and watched fix videos on YouTube. I tried also what @nicmac303 suggested, but didn't work either. Kinda frustrated to be honest.

    Also, because I re-installed it a couple of times some of the storage on my pc is simply ''gone'' even tho I install all the content/download folders on my external hard drive, it still takes up some space on my general drive from my pc. I re-installed it a couple of times and every time I install a plugin again it takes some space off my hard drive of my pc...I lost over 100/200 GB but where it went? no glue.

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,788 Expert

    @Robbie Mendez

    Try to switch off "effective" CPU cores. Intel's big.little is just nightmare. OS might allocate some of your threads on e-cores and they are not capable of doing job in time. Or OS might allocate thread on p-core and later on decide, it could run on e-core and reallocate it. And dropout....

    If that does not help, there might be problem with cooling CPU. Have look at CPU cores' temperatures graph and CPU cores' clock graphs.

    If that will be OK. Maybe some SW/driver makes problems. Try LatencyMonitor SW.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 9,595 mod

    @Robbie Mendez It looks like you didn't contact our support about this? Do you want me to create a ticket for you so my colleagues can look into it?

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