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HI. I bought Traktor Scratch Pro with Audio 8 box in 2011 - never used it much. I updated a few years ago and still kept using Audio 8 (instead of the new Audio 10 box). I know, I know, i wasn't supposed to, but needed to save money, and Audio 8 still worked fine with my Traktor Scratch Pro. I successfully used it to record a mix - mostly vinyl, but some digital using control vinyl, in 2020. Since then I haven't used it at all.

Not sure what Idid to change things since then, but when I tried to fire it up the other day to record a mix, I have this problem: I can play digital files using control vinyl just fine. but most times there is no recording level showing up in the upper right screen. The turntable on the right gets a level for the vinyl, but the one on left doesn't. both turntables have only a very weak recording signal for the digital control vinyl

Here's the thing though - even with the phono level on the right, nothing I do attenuates it. even if i turn gain down and close the channgel fader, and the corssfader, the signal is still showing up loud and clear - totally open and full volume.

So clearly I have at least a couple routing problems. I've attached a video showing the issue with the control vinyl recording level issue. I feel embarrassed that I can't figure this out myself but I'm frazzled - hopefully you guys will go easy on me lol

here's the video - note. my vimeo account won't let me directly link the video - it switches the link to my profile. you'll have to scroll down my profile and check my videos (I only have that one Traktor vid)

thanks in advance!


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