I purchased the wrong upgrade Komplete 14

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I need Help please!!

Currently, I have KOMPLETE 13 ULTIMATE Collectors Edition.

On July 1, 2023, I purchased the Komplete Collector's Edition. BUT, I purchased the wrong upgrade. I purchased the upgrade for Ultimate for $299.50 which only work on only Komplete Ultimate 8-14. I should have purchased the update for $249.50 which only works for users of Komplete 12-13 Ultimate Collector's Edition which I have. The Komplete 14 Collectors Edition is not registered because it will not allow me to upgrade based on what I already have.

Can Native Instruments cancel my purchase and provide me with the correct Product serial number for the Komplete 14 Collector's Edition?? I do not care about the price difference.

My order history reference # 60000762367C.

Please help. Thank you


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    If Im understanding correctly you already purchased K13 UCE and wanted to update to K14 UCE (although confusingly this now seems to be called K14 CE minus the Ultimate)

    Im an owner of K13 UCE and brought my upgrade to K14 CE locally. However I got out the door and saw the docket only had K14Ultimate on it. Had to go back and get it sorted. Easy enough for a supplier to be confused by the name change missing the Ultimate part.

    I hope NI get it sorted for you.

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    Update on behalf of the OP: A refund for the wrong purchase has been issued.

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