Question about Harp in Kontakt library 2

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Hello everyone!

I have purchased Kontakt factory library 2. When I started to use harp in the library, I found I can't change the scale to major for glissando. Everytime I tried to set the scale to major, it just forced me to choose minor instead. When I open a new rack, the default scale is chromatic but I can't choose the next scale by click the right arrow button, it just forced me to use chromatic instead. I think there should be some wrong settings?

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  • Sunborn
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    I think (but not 100% sure), this is because Factory instruments have many of their settings locked to editing.

  • Reber Clark
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    I have this same issue. Some scales listed are available some are not. what can be done?

  • reffahcs
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    Yeah same here, that's really bizarre behavior, not at all what I would expect. It's almost like you can pick every other scale, with one or two that don't follow that rule. I can understand that perhaps they weren't able to sample every tuning, but the scales should just not show up in the list if they can't be selected? It seems more like a user-interface bug to me.

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