Problem installing Session Guitarist Picked Nylon

Rob Di Nero
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Hi there,

I have problems installing the Session guitarist Picked Nylon. I also use Electric Sunburst, Mint and feel other Instruments that need Kontakt but this time it takes unusually long to install and I did Not manage so far.. i Wonder why this is, as the Library is about 6GB but something seems to be wrong as I don‘t see any progress in installing and After an hour it Lost the internet Connection so i had to Start again with the Same result… can anyone report similar Problems and how to solve this? Thanks for taking time.



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  • Rob Di Nero
    Rob Di Nero Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
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    thanks for reply,unfortunately it didn‘t help and I Never had such problems before installing any Instrument for use in Kontakt Player. It took me hours and the interesting thing is that I finally was able to install but without using Native Access by using the installer of the image file. After that I activated it with Native Access…. If I knew before this would be a way to go I would not have spent so much time. Maybe this helps someone else some Day.


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