Kontakt 6 sounds in demo mode

Guitarhacker Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

I'm a registered user and the serial numbers are registered and showing in my Native Access account.

I just migrated my software to a newer computer and got it set up and working. When I open the Kontakt software in my DAW ( CWBL ) I'm able to load the samples BUT.... they have a big red DEMO beside the name and none of the controls that let me edit the sounds appears to be functional. I also think they stop sounding after a certain period of time. If I try to reload them they fail to work.

The products are not showing as DEMO in Native Access. They are showing GREEN and REGISTERED with the serials visible. The DEMO is showing in the sound sample GUI inside of Konatkt.

How can I get the instruments to run in full OWNER mode and not in DEMO?


  • Phil Anderer
    Phil Anderer Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    I have exactly the same problem as Guitar hacker. The only way I can find round it is to reinstall all my NI instruments directly into the new Mac (I used to keep all my Kontakt instruments on an external drive). Which is tiresome. And also means that they all “talk” only to Kontakt 7. So if I load an old project done using Kontakt 5 - they’ll only run in demo mode. And then time out. The new computer is a MacBook Pro running the latest IoS. There’s obviously some kind of compatibility issue between Kontakt 5 and the new IoS (I forget it’s name: “macOS Migraine” would be appropriate).

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