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I just moved up to a new Mac Studio and find that my internal 1 TB ssd is loaded and think there may be some things that don't need to be on the internal ssd in the Users Shared Files. I am the only one who uses this computer. You can see the contents of my Shared folder. I have included screenshots of the Shared and the external Kontakt files. Which ones should I keep in this folder or move them to my KONTAKT folder on the external drive.

I've been an NI user for a long time. All the way back to Kontakt 1. I am using Komplete Ultimate 14. I currently have all the files that I have used over the years with Kontakt on an external drive in a folder called KONTAKT SOUNDS. Many of these are probably ancient and are not needed anymore. I'd like to know which ones are no longer relevant.

Also, if there is someone who understands all of this and would be willing to have a phone call with me I am including my cell phone number. 425-221-2879. I'm in Las Vegas. My email is [email protected]


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    For a start, a smart thing to do, is to use Search on your KONTAKT SOUNDS to find duplicate files, and delete the older ones. If you prefer, there are a lot of programs who can help you find duplicates.

    Also, do the obvious. From a quick look, i see you have 2 folders of Session Guitarist Acoustic library. There is no need for that, is just wasted space. So on with your other folders

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    Pretty sure there are lot of duplicates here. You can merge them in one folder.

    Keep the last folder as base. Go into the others cut what they contain (not copy but cut. copy creates duplicates) and paste them to the Pro 2 Library folder.

    If found duplicates, it will ask you if you want to replace them. Choose NO, since the Pro 2 Library folder seems to be the newer one. Eventually it will move all the unique files to that folder. What's left on the others, is a duplicate and older one, thus you can delete all.

    If you follow that logic on the rest of your folders you will get rid tons of older duplicates

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    Another thing:

    You have 31 folders named "Previously Relocated Items". I am sure that they are full of duplicates too!

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