Kontakt 6.7 no longer gives access to scripts?

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I notice on some instruments I am no longer able to access the scripts. I often add my own tunings. The Edit Mode option is now called Instrument Option. The button now has two gear icons, a large one and a smaller one. Is there a new way for me to access scripts to add my own tunings? Or is this option not available on some instruments. : (



  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @EvilDragon Do you know if this is the case? 🤔

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    Editing may not be available on some instruments due to the complexity of the instrument scripts/settings that if the user was to modify something the instrument would break. It also may be that the scripting is proprietary, and the developer does not want to make their hard work available for anyone to use/copy etc... @EvilDragon might be able to give a more insightful answer, but this is my understanding.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that this is not "New" in 6.7, this limitation on some libraries for quite some time!!

  • EvilDragon
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    Yes it's entirely possible some instruments are locked for editing, but this is not new in 6.7.

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