i cant record my set using Deck 4 as a loop for record.


i learned that i can record my set using Mixer Xone 43c deck 4 as a loop for recording by pluging the cable from record of the back of the mixer to line in Deck D. i don't know what i have done with setting in Traktor so that it comes no sound in master and deck 4 to record the set. could you help me with that please? i put some screenshots of my current setting in traktor hopping that helps :).

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    First thing i see, in your first image it is a possible wrong configuration.

    You use Out 6, two times. Logically, Deck D should be assigned to Out 7+8.

    Maybe this cause the problem?

    Second thing, you have ALL your outputs to "External", but i think they should be "Internal".

    To record from a turntable you need just one Input, and for 2 turntables, 2 inputs.

    But you are not telling us what exactly you want to record???

    2 turntables playing your vinyls? One turntable and one deck for your computer library?

    2 decks playing music from your computer + 1 deck playing an external turntable?

    What exactly? To give you a correct answer we need to know what you want to do, what kind of set you want to make, and what devices you are using.

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    Second thing, you have ALL your outputs to "External", but i think they should be "Internal".

    No I think he is right. He is using an external mixer, thus needs to use external mixing mode. Internal is for controllers.

    But you are not telling us what exactly you want to record???

    Because he is using external mixing mode he can't record the master straight from traktor, thus needs to feed rec out -> somewhere back into an input to be able to record it.


    What Sunborn said, the double 6 looks weird. Should be 7 and 8.

    But otherwise it looks correct. Maybe there is a button that needs to be presse on the xone to be able to hear it? Switching from phono to line or something?

    EDIT: Ah no, switching to line in the channel would just mean you hear your rec out again. Don't do that. That would create a feedback loop.

    This should work.

    Anyhow, if you want you can also skip the cable, switch some jumpers and make channel 1 and 2 on USB be the rec out. Page 17 and 18 in the manual. Not sure if that would help right now, as it already should work.

    If you try to listen to channel 7 and 8 with another program does it work?

    Edit2: Ah, there is a button after all:

    Did you select LN here? Depressed.

  • khashayarjabarian
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    thanks that channel 7 and 8 should be right you both were right and know its working :)

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