Session Horns Pro Mixing?

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Does anyone have any suggestions for mixing session Horns Pro in a project. I have seen a few videos on You Tube, but not a whole lot. Some parts sound good to my ear and others do not. I feel I am not getting enough separation in the mix at times. Particularly if I attempt to use 4 or 5 note voicings.

FYI- I consider myself a Novice.





  • Joonas Mäkilä
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    I haven't found any good videos about it, I personally layer it with other brass libraries, mostly FableSounds Broadway Lites, I use the smart voice split which brings some clarity, I disable the reverb and put my own on it, compress it and add some mild distortion/harmonics and some stereo expander. Maybe some eq. It's not perfect but no idea how to make it better. I use 3-4 note voicings and use lots of three octave unison

  • DunedinDragon
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    I generally get good results using the Sound tab where I can solo each instrument section and adjust the levels and panning of each horn section. Sometimes I need to adjust the velocity in the individual notes as the tone of the instrument might not be as bright as another instrument.

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