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    What I believe is that iconic gear should be supported by defacto.

    Pioneer cdjs, even though I don't like em and will never buy them, are iconic to dj culture therefore should be supported which they are now.

    The rane twelves are iconic controllers and should of been supported from the beginning. Inmusic pretty much gave NI and rekordbox a hand out with the mk2 via hybrid mode (Yes the s9 was made with the rane 12 in mind because of it's use in Serato ). They are quasi supported now.

    The rane one is an iconic controller which most software adopted except for rekordbox (for obvious reasons) and NI (for no apparent reason). This controller even works with djay pro on iOS.

    NI doesn't have to support every controller out there but when iconic gear is released that reflects the roots of the dj art it should be supported by dj software. If you look at NI sponsored artists are they using Z2's and S4's? They are mostly using high end mixers with Traktor software along with Traktor add on controllers or they jumped ship.

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