Please tell me that NI is making another S8

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This is in my opinion the best most groundbreaking piece of equipment and I truly hope that it is possible to build a successor. It is still out pacing most current equipment since 2011.I always told my self that I would begin to make music when I retired. I had absolutely no want to start to DJ at all i wanted to produce original music. in looking for Maschine and Complete products I came upon my first sight of TKS8 WOW


-Remix Decks

-Step sequencer

-programable midi /w Midi in out

-Standalone mixer

-XONE Mixer

-Large screens

  • most important to me is there are no jog wheels.

-This is just scratching the surface honestly My unit has stood the test of time and is hands down the most inspiring pieces of equipment I own. Additionally the world was not ready . . . and to this day has is still no competition. If it was not for Covid there is no way i could do this before retirement there has to be a successor. A no compromises insanely capable future proof combination of S4 F1 D2 remix decks stem decks track decks and step sequencer. and NO jog wheels. 🤨


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