Maschine Plus glitching with Teenage Engineering Products

kasselvania Member Posts: 5 Member

Hey everyone,

I have a Maschine Plus, which I love, but I have been having incompatibility issues when using it with Teenage Engineering products.

Mainly, my issue comes when using the TE product as an audio interface with the Maschine Plus. I will use my TX-6, and everything is fine for a few minutes, but eventually, the audio driver will crash, and the TX-6 won't receive audio. If I go to the Maschine Plus settings, change the audio interface to "internal," and then back to "TX-6," everything starts up again (only to crash again in a few minutes).

Does anybody else have a Maschine Plus and some TE products they have tested? NI and TE have both replaced my products, but the issue persists...


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