LORES plays only clicks, then ruins all other instruments

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I installed Lores yesterday. Installation went smoothly. Played around with the presets a bit, noticed the long load times but okay - then moved on to other work.

Today when I loaded it again into Kontakt7 (same process as yesterday) not only are the presets taking several minutes to load, but now as soon as I press a key, I hear a click, and see the track volume level maxxed out in Reaper. No sounds from Lores at all. Track becomes unusable. Top it off with the fact that if I load any other instruments (other than Lores) AFTER this happens, they're all just static and noise. I have to close out Reaper and re-start to get things back to normal, but Lores is useless now.

I've loaded Kontakt7, Kontakt6, Battery and other products in standalone mode just fine and audio/samples all play perfectly, so I don't think it's my audio settings or drivers. Lores does NOT play at all anymore when loaded in Kontakt standalone or in DAW, just a click and then everything blows up. So frustrating.

Working with a new laptop, 64gig RAM. Not sure how to check and see how RAM is being allocated for Lores if that's even possible. I'm thinking I might need to re-install Lores? Anyone else having this issue?

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