What settings for an equalizer to sound like Gibran Alcocer sounds ? Please please please please

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Do you have an idea about how to configure the equalizer to sounds like Gibran Alcocer sounds please

For example more or less like this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ks6_taOCSyo

Please I really need help


  • Sunborn
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    Equalizer settings is a matter of choice and experiment.

    What you ask, is impossible, because the sounds of that track you posted, may have, or may not have equalizer at all... or some may have and some other not, or they all may have, but still, the mastering engineer can add or remove frequencies during the process ... and those things, only the artist knows!

    One solution that may help you to reach a similar result (but never identical!) is to use a graphic EQ plugin, while this track is playing, so you can have an idea about the possible values that you have to choose.

    However keep in mind, that even if you manage to find the exact values, if you apply them on a different track, the results will be very different!

    There are no "magic buttons" in music creation (thankfully!).

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