Did you know there's a Reaktor User Library Bug?

In windows both in Firefox and Chrome there seems to be a redirect loop. Don't know if I'm the only one here.



  • Sunborn
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    edited June 2023

    Yes, probably you are the only one, since you are using a very wrong link!

    This is the correct link: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/reaktor-community/reaktor-user-library/

    All the rest /all/all/all etc. at the end are nonsense and not a part of the original link.

    However, even with your wrong link, there is no redirection, when i clicked it, it opened the library's main page. Also Firefox and Windows here.

    So, unless this is not some kind of joke, the real bug/problem is in your Firefox.

    Note: In your profile you state that your operation system is Linux and not Windows! Yet here you report a supposed Windows "bug".

    So, you are lying, either in your profile, either on this post? or, what is the case?

  • Monochrome
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    Windows and Chrome here, I can only reach this link of yours when I click on any of the category filters and disable said filter afterwards. But... what now? I can navigate and browse around the site just fine.

    Do you just think that you're in a redirect loop because the URL looks like that? Or, are you actually stuck?

  • Laurence Taylor
    Laurence Taylor Member Posts: 10 Member

    Once it gets to that odd link it loops, but for some reason Firefox gets it there. Windows and Linux

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