Not seeing pluggin in Native Access

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Hi, I have bought Riff Generation - Outside In Edition with Expansions × 1 almost a year ago. I have a new laptop that I want to install this plugin.

I have downloaded Native Access, but the product does not show. When I try to register the licenses I get an error message that it has already been registered. Yes, on my stationary server.

But, why is the product not showing?

Windows 11

Using the latest version of Native Access 3.4 something

Using the same email address to log on Native Access as I did when I bought the plugin and also when creating the Native Access ID.

Native support takes for ever to get an answer so hoping someone in here had experienced the same problem.

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  • Noddyliten
    Noddyliten Member Posts: 12 Member
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    Ahh, a reboot of my laptop worked. Now I can see a bunch of plugins.

    Always reboot windows when something is not working. Should have learnt that by now.

    Thanx for help guys:)


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