STEMS Cue Points temporarily populating Remix Deck Slots

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Remix Deck functionality (except for STEMS part) is kind of already there with more steps required. This potentially brings a more fluid solution to the masses. I think it might add a little more creativity than I think the current other STEMS offerings add.

I don't use other software so am unsure if this is a standard feature elsewhere. I'm not an advanced Remix Deck user either, I expect crossover. Hopefully simpler for non-F1 users.

Also note, this idea could be too complex if Traktor's LIVE STEMS requires two decks to separate playheads on vocals etc as seen on competing software's or advanced TP3 mapping implementations.

The idea should be implement for normal track decks but having STEMS compatibility seems most appropriate.


As an extension of the current Remix deck implementation I am proposing the creation of 'hidden STEMS cue points' that might exist beyond the #1-8 hot cues. Isolated Vocals are a no brainer but other sampled loops too.

The STEMS Cue Point specifies what sample to transfer to the assigned Remix Deck (1>1, 2>2, 3>3 seems logical). Slot 4 can be prepopulated with saved 'goto' samples, DJ drops, etc but would require the user to load up that Remix Deck first.

The STEMS Cue Point specifies a cue name, STEMS stream(s), sample type, length and other slot options etc. It's really a trigger to process functions.

Upon loading of the track, the STEMS Cue Point transfers the sample(s) to the respective Remix Deck slot and it becomes accessible from there.

Backend options might specify replacement of STEMS samples on new track load or append to the Remix Deck slot (up to the slot's max). Appending could be difficult for the user if appended to the bottom of the slot (pagination issues) so I imagine logic favours appending the new sample to top of page and pushing the existing temporary samples down the page.

At the completion of the set or if the Remix Deck is unloaded the Samples are cleared. Users could save parts if required


I write this respecting the dedication of existing Remix Deck users who spend time preparing their sets. Hats off to you guys/gals. I guess as the years roll by and track collections expand or sets evolve, this may be a more repeatable solution if you want to pull up an old fave mid set and add some flair. It may encourage wider use of Remix Decks too albeit in a more basic form.

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  • Stevan
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    I remember posting similar idea in the old (deleted forum)

    It was about the file format that can load Stem Deck and Remix Deck.

    Idea was to quickly load samples that works best with the loaded track.

  • Michael Niotakis
    Michael Niotakis Member Posts: 54 Helper

    Yeah that makes sense too. A workaround might be appending these to the end of the track and use these smart cues (maybe that's a better name for them). Just don't leave the track playing 🤣

    Side note, I think we need more than 4 decks

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