Subject: Problem with my hybrid setup 2 x Xone K2 / Mixer PX5/ Tractor Pro Plus 3.8 & 3.9 and My Mac

Bartix Member Posts: 17 Member

Still I have a problem with the problem of „freezing” K2 when I’m playing without any signals.

 What is most important :

·        Left K2 is on a channel 1 – turn off latching layers

·        Right K2 is on a channel 21 – turn off latching layers

·        Xone Px 5 is standard at channel 16.

 What I Already tested or made. .

·        1st connection: The 2 units of K2 are connected with X link cable direct to PX5 and PX5 direct to USB port on MAC

·        2nd connection: The 2 units of K2 are connected with X link cable direct to PX5 + form left K2 by USB cable to mac and PX5 direct by USB port on MAC

·        3rd connection: The 2 units of K2 are connected with X link cable + left K2 are connected by USB cable to MC – there is no connection by K2 and Px5. Mixer PX5 is separate direct to USB port on MAC

·        4 connection – The 2 units of K2 are connected with X link cable direct to PX5 and Px5 direct t o USB port on MAC, and both k2 are connect by USB to power supply

As well, I have made steps in power on all system in 2 ways :

·        1st way – power on Mixer with K2 and after I'm turning on Mac and tractor

·        2nd way – power on Mac and after t the px5


In all of this connections like in a jeopardy – I do not know when they will go in frezz mode – it can be after 5 min it can be at 45 minis of playing and even after 2 or 3 hours.

Regarding my test, the K2 gone form a freezing mode without nay suptoms – they just go. All LEDs are flashing, but I can't control the tractor. – but buy computer mouse or touchpad I can !! 

As well, I made a test by 2 midi apps Midi Monitor, and MidiView - where they didn’t show me any error in midi signal or any warnings when K2 are going to frezz mode.

 As well, I have mapp the K2 by a mapping of Chris liebieng by his course at AULART

I have use the same commands as he has for K2.

The biggest problem for ma and my irritation is that I have a pro setup, and it does’t work property. I paid a lot of many for it and I have problems – the ****** equipment works better and this is my problem.

About the Mac – I use MacBook pro – 15 inc mid 2014 processor 2,5 GHZ  - I7 with 16 GB ram – system is macOS Big Sur version 11.7.7


  • Markovicz
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    Hi @Bartix,

    i am sorry to hear about the hassle you are experiencing! Let's check a basic aspect first: MIDI ports.

    Please connect all your external gear and launch Traktor. Now open Preferences -> Controller Manager, expand the Device menu and post a screenshot here. It needs to look like the example below:

    Of course, your menu will contain different devices :)

    Thanks in advance!

  • Stevan
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    edited June 2023

    Hey there, I would like to add a couple of additional questions since I also use dual K2's.

    The "3rd connection" you mention is what I suggest in my mapping guides. It is definitely the most reliable connection when going for dual K2's.

    Otherwise, it could be that you have Google Chrome running in the background. K2 may crash on starting/closing chrome and also if having Youtube opened.

    Also try older drivers (before the M1 support was added).

  • Bartix
    Bartix Member Posts: 17 Member

    Mark - Thanks - I know that what you put on screenshoot - The problem is that that Traktor or Mc loasing connection beteeen K2 without any reason -

  • Bartix
    Bartix Member Posts: 17 Member

    Stevean thank you - In my case all 4 connections going to loast singanl on midi and going to free mode.

    The runing background - all programs , wifi, internet, chrome all are turn off - My mac is only form Traktor

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