Canceled Shipment?

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Hi. I had created a ticket to ask how to track my shipment. They replied that they are canceling my order and they will refund. And the ticket was closed without any reasonable explanation, except "it is out of stock". And nobody is replying to my further questions. Meanwhile, the status of my order is "Shipped". But I did not get it, and no money returned. And moreover, they still have it in stock, and they continue to advertise in social media like Instagram. I still hope it sent it or it will be sent, because they have it in stock.

I just don't understand what is going on...

If there is a chat or phone support?

Thank you


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hey sorry to hear about your experience. I checked the support ticket and it looks like the refund went through already. Sounds to me like the keyboard was thought to be out of stock, which was why your order was canceled. It's now back in stock. Sorry again for the inconvenience!

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