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I want to get into music, specifically as an hardware engineer for electronic music devices. Anyone have any recs? Even when it comes to learning music. Or have any recs of music hardware3?




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    Quite a wide question…and it’s not clear if you are already advanced or if you want to start everything from 0.

    In any case, I give you the first suggestion that comes to mind: you could start having a look at synthesis. Learning how a synthesizer work, what does what, how to obtain what you want could be a good starting point

  • JesterMgee
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    Rather broad question, maybe provide some details of what experience you have, or just prove you are not another one of those chatbots

  • Milos
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    I you need easier and faster way to finalize the mix, I would recommend adding compression (Supercharger) or dynamics (KiloHearts Dynamics) to the master chain.

    And make sure you use dry/wet settings for listening to the original and edited signal at the same time.

    It helped me tremendously.

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    Quote : "as an hardware engineer for electronic music devices" .

    I think your question exceptionally easy to answer , if your entry point is "as an hardware engineer for electronic music devices" then start with the software versions of the Modular software emulations of hardware ! . The greatest thing about the software emulation modules is , Yes ! , since it is software then it doesn't break like hardware if experiment and put in the wrong plug the wrong place ! And yet it will allow you to learn and build even your very own synth using modular modules !

    There is the Reaktor from N.I. which is part of Komplete 14 Standard and better . Reaktor has free user libraries and third party paid also !

    There is the free VCV Rack , which also has a lot of free modules and paid modules !

    And there is the equally free Cherry Audio Voltage Modular which though it has a number of free modules still is a system with first and foremost paid modules.. CA also got the "Voltage Module Designer" for which the Personal License is free...

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