Bought kontakt 7 via promo still showing as kontakt 7 player

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Just bought Kontakt 7 (full) why is it still showing as player?


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  • Sunborn
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    It might take few days, otherwise contact the Support team

  • WEEZIE1982
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    New to community, thought one was a direct question to NI and the other to community. I've been in touch with NI support took them a while to respond they weren't much help said there aren't any errors? Obvs contacted them again today sent screen shots etc. Still waiting. Had issue for a few weeks Just keen to move forward as I have invested into their ecosystem.

    Appreciate your response! And looking forward to hearing from NI direct

  • Monochrome
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    It's the weekend AND sale time as well, so getting an answer from NI's support team can take some time.

    Try this in the meantime (taken from another thread):

    1. Close Native Access.
    2. Go to C: > Program Files > Common Files > Native Instruments > Service Center and delete the Native Access.xml file inside it. (Don't worry: It's safe to do that as the file will get recreated by Native Access, but, if in doubt, you can simply rename it).
    3. Next, go to the following article and thoroughly go through all the steps:
    4. Restart your computer and start Native Access afterwards.

    See if that fixes your issue.

  • WEEZIE1982
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    Thanks will give it a try 👍🏽

  • WEEZIE1982
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    It worked! Thanks.... Really appreciate your help! 👊

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