An important file is missing, but it's not!

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Following a recent question I posted here, I have just installed, "Complete Orchestral Collection", from Best Service.

I have successfully registered the serial number in Native Access 2.

The library does not show up in NA2, but I am prompted to enter the correct location path. When I do, I get: "invalid file path".

I have noticed that, when I navigate to the library using File Explorer the .nict file is present, (just below the documentation, instruments, and samples files), but when I navigate there using "set location path", the file does not show.

I assume this is because it's an old library. Do I have to install NA1 and if so, how?

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  • LostInFoundation
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    Where are you prompted to enter the location path? Because you firstly talk about NA but then from your description it looks like you’re talking about Kontakt

  • dom2061
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    Hello LostInFoundation, thank you for your question,

    I am definitely talking about Native Access.

    In the Libraries section There is a "locate" button underneath the library name, (I was wrong in my first post when I said the library does not appear).

    When I press it, the message reads, "in order to successfully finish installation, please locate Complete Orchestral Collection library folder on your system", but the location is correct.

    If I press "confirm", I get, "that path is invalid".

    My suspicion is that NA2 cannot see the .nict file, which does not show if I navigate to it within NA2.

    If I navigate through File Explorer the file is present as it should be,

    I hope that explains a bit more clearly,


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    Answer ✓

    If you experience this issue, please contact our support here:

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