Remixlive application... do you work it alongside Maschine?

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just out of curiousity... im wondering if people are both aware of the application and utilise it with the Abletonlink & maschine as a combo??

if you have a Ipad this Remixlive application might be of interest to you... as it can make use of midi controllers such as Maschine controllers... but it better suited to a matrix grid of 6x8... which is the case with the maschine jam.

Remixlive on the M1 mac mini... is a very resource friendly application... with an extensive library on offer as a monthly subscription... i should also make clear that in order to utilise the midi... it is a paid extension of remixlive, which can be trialed

Remixlive has some minor limitations... which may well be resolved in future updates


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    Yes Remixlive is a quite good app.

    We should also mention that in order to use Maschine as a controller for iPad it must be plugged in a computer, and other programs are involved. And that Remixlive is available also for Android (I would swear it was also in Windows, but maybe I’m wrong…)

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    thats right the maschine controllers wont operate without the drivers so yup the computer is needed..

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