In comparison, VirtualDj is a supersonic aircraft

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I am very dissatisfied with the tractor. I am considering switching to VirtualDj. Why? VirtualDJ is available as soon as you open the program, searching for songs is ultra-fast and it runs smoothly! I would be happy if it were the same with Traktor. Is there something planned? my collection includes about 500,000 songs and use MacPro M1. Too bad I have to change, but who knows... maybe there's a solution


  • Benzer81
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    Oh I see! I have a little over 1000 playlists in different folders. Can this affect the speed of the program?

  • lord-carlos
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    Is there something planned?

    There is a collection browser rework planned and on the roadmap. But if that will improve the search / filter I can't say.

    Just use what suits you.

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    I haven't seen a VDJ forum, but if there is one, I would suggest checking for any constant problems or issues also. It's always good to compare what complaints there are.

    From what I have seen with Pioneer forum and Serato over the years, there is no perfect software. I have dealt with a little less issue when using production software like Ableton or Machine, but still plenty of issues for people on forums depending on the computer builds or what they have done or not done.

    But definitely do what works best for you! We all should be getting better at Djing not computer geniuses.

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    and they have a forum in different languages ​​on their official website.

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