Is there any way to work past the Key Zone limitations?

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I have a Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88 mk2 controller. I've used it long enough to understand the key zone definition features supplied by the Komplete Kontrol software. I like and appreciate how easy they make it to split the keyboard and send different ranges to different MIDI channels and such so easily.

But this design also brings what I often find to be extremely annoying limitations insofar as (1) there's no easy way to change the MIDI channel I'm sending from the keyboard itself, or (2) send to multiple MIDI channels at once from a single key. This becomes particularly painful when using the controller with Cubase and plugins like Groove Agent 5, which can distinguish data by inbound MIDI channel to trigger instruments/patterns separately, address different loaded kits, etc.

Just to switch from MIDI channel 1 to 2, I have to stop what I'm doing, make sure I've got an instance of Komplete Kontrol loaded somewhere, and then change the template I'm using, which involves WAY too much work at the computer for live recording/performance. Is there any way to work past this? Perhaps Native Instruments could offer us more flexible key zones to allow layering rather than just splitting?



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    If the question is a request to have midi selection directly on the keyboard, I second that 👍🏼

    Maybe add “feature request” as a tag

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