Maschine+ doesn't appear ready.

egjanuary Member Posts: 13 Member

I'm a Maschine MK2 and Komplete standard user. I'm kind of on and off with Maschine. I use it as a drum machine, bass player, synth player that also controls some outboard gear. But an upgrade is due.

I've been sort of following Mascine+ since going standalone has always been a dream.

I can't say the forums are giving me the confidence to drop $1200 on a device that has serious limitations. I would be better off buying a laptop or tablet sticking with my MKII.

Honestly MPC One could do all the same stuff I need but I would miss some of the integration with Komplete. I suppose I would have to sample stuff into MPC, but whatever. It has plenty of power, storage, etc.

I'm on the fence but leaning away from NI. I just don't see the love.

I don't have a solid question, not looking for guidance, but I'm wondering how others feel without reading a million posts.


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