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I think it would be really helpful if artists could be separated by commas on a given song so that in the Track Collection, the song shows up in each artist's list rather than in a separate list for both artists. Same thing for genres.

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  • Harald Walker
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    Essentially multiple tag support. Really missing this for genres.

    And make the separator a configurable. I am for instance currently using '/' for genres.

  • steve_wallet
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    I think especially the multiple genre feature would be very helpful.

    When a track contains multiple genres as comma separated list in the genre tag, it would be great if there would not occur a entry in the genre list like "Pop,Rock" but instead the track in included in "Pop" AND in "Rock" genre list.

    Modification of Traktor code should be very limited as only the function which read the genre for building the list entries must be modified.

    In the main track list windows nothing must be changed.

    Probably something can be included in configuration window to define the separator.

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