Komplete 14 Standard not loading 1/2 of instruments

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I ran out of room on disk while downloading, moved to an external 2T

Now can't load these instruments into Kontakt 7, although they show in Native Access.

Backyard Jambs, Beam ,Blocks Base,Blocks Primes, Body Mechanik, Bumpin Flava, Controller Editor, Creator Tools ,Decoded Forms, Deep Matter, Elastic Thump, Halcyon Sky, Haze, Kino, Kontour, Lilac Glare, London Grit, Lucid Mission, Mechanix, Moebus, Molton Veil, Monark, Mother Board, Neo Boogie, Noen Drive, Nocturnal State, Our House, Polyplex, Prism, Pulse, Queesbridge Story, Quest, Rising Crescent, Rounds, Rush, Scene, Solar Breeze, Spark, Spectrum Quake, Stadium Flex, Super 8, Trk-01 Bass, Trk-01 Kick, The Finger, True School, Velvet Lounge, Wake

Everything else loads OK, including effects.

Reset Native Access & repaired locations

Running Logic Pro 10.7.7 on an Intell Mac OS12.6.1

Any Help?

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