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I am an open format DJ who play all kinds of genres in every set. I make a lot of Instrumental/acapella Intro/Outro edits which let's me switch between genres very easily as long as I mix into the same key.

However, my type of DJ'ing requires me to practice or at least plan all my mixes before execution, otherwise the mix could sound horrible. If i don't select a track to mix on time. I would end up missing my cue and the dance floor would be listening to either an instrumental or an acapella because of the edits I make. This is why knowing what to play next and cueing up the next track fast is very important for me.

To work around this and speed up my workflow. I note all the tracks that work well together and write song names in the "comment" column to sort of create a "Next Songs Bank" so I don't have to depend on my memory. This works well in most cases but searching the next track and loading it to one of the decks on time becomes a task. It becomes even more difficult when I have more than one mashup/transition idea and I have to decide which idea to go with in the moment and then search-load the track. In this process if I take too much time looking at different playlists to find the correct track or If I end up typing the wrong spelling while searching. I will miss my cue and mess up the mix.

Solution suggestion:

It would be amazing to have a pop up / drop down menu on the decks or at least a separate section from the current browser with a list of the tracks that I can go through and load.

In fact, this menu can have two section.

  1. Tracks that have been added manually to mix next
  2. Tracks that Traktor recommends to mix next depending on similar key, BPM, etc. (It would be even more amazing to have this temporary list view to have conditions similar to Smart lists. Whenever I find a cool track to mix out. I can add that track to my "Next songs bank" to use the same idea later.)

This way every time I DJ, I always have multiple mashup/transition options and I can also keep exploring more and more mix options and keep adding them to my "Next Songs Bank".

This would make every DJ super confident with all their transitions and help them stay versatile without taking too much risks with their DJ sets.

Thanks for reading, hope i was able to communicate my idea with you clearly

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    I had a similar idea a long time ago, something like a “mixes well with” that is both user defined and has suggestions. Rekordbox has something like this now with its Matching Tracks feature

    It would also be cool to have these suggestions auto-populate from what we usually mix into after (if we often mix one specific song after another)

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